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Make Sure Your Business is Prepared with an Emergency Ready Profile (ERP)

3/17/2022 (Permalink)

ERP sign Study shows that about 50% of companies shut down after a disaster.

Many businesses do not adequately have a solid emergency response plan to tackle disasters. Study shows that about 50% of companies shut down after a disaster.

A storm or fire can cause a devastating blow to a business—the more reason to secure your business with an Emergency-Ready Profile (ERP). Having an ERP makes it easy to tackle the disaster quickly before it escalates. Many commercial properties have emergency safety systems but don't know how to use them effectively. However, staff training on how to use safety equipment is valuable, and showing staff members what to do immediately if there's a fire outbreak or a flood to mitigate the impact.

With an ERP set in place, people will know the immediate course of action to take should there be a disaster. What to do and how to get the job done are critical things to be noted. SERVPRO of Citrus Heights/Roseville and Carmichael continuously educates business owners on preparing them for water and fire damage. This is to help commercial owners survive the disaster mitigate and restore damages.

The benefits of having an ERP are sharing helpful information like escape routes, gathering points, etc, and keeping documents safe before they get destroyed. The documents necessary to the business must be saved electronically on the cloud, and the physical copy must be kept in waterproof storage.

Have a detailed building map that shows the structural details of the building. The emergency plan is encouraged to be practiced by all workers for safety. Emergency exits should be chosen and boldly indicated. Emergency safety systems like a water sprinkler, smoke detector, fire extinguishers, pumps, and more should be kept in strategic places for use. Safety equipment should be inspected and maintained regularly to avoid a breakdown during an emergency. Set clear boundaries of activities to be done in office space. Restrict cooking and smoking to the kitchen and cafeteria.

It may be difficult for some businesses to design a fire safety plan. However, you can outsource it to professionals. SERVPRO of Citrus Heights/Carmichael and Roseville is present 24/7 to attend any emergency or consultation. Why not call us now to have agent work on your ERP.

Storm Damage Restoration Advanced Technology and Techniques

3/14/2022 (Permalink)

SERVPRO equipment Contact SERVPRO of Citrus Heights/Roseville and Carmichael for your mitigation and restoration needs.

Damage restoration frequently faces new challenges that require innovative techniques and modern technology to overcome. Innovation and technology have aided the storm damage restoration process to improve efficiency. The Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification, IICRC, sets high and practical standards for cleaning and restoration companies.

SERVPRO of Citrus Heights/Roseville and Carmichael use modern technology to make restoration services easy and optimal. Our technicians are certified by IICRC and trained to handle any storm damage restoration process innovatively, using all sorts of equipment at their disposal. Depending on the scale of the damage, we have big and small equipment available to restore your property quickly.

Below is a few of the restoration equipment we use for our operations.

Moisture Detection and measurement equipment
We use moisture detection and measurement equipment to detect moisture content in the building. Infrared cameras detect hidden water through walls, ceilings, or floors. It measures the moisture level in a place, so we know where there's still work to do.

Other water restoration services equipment used to measure moisture saturation are hygrometers, sensitive moisture detectors, and more.

Water extraction equipment
No matter the level of the stormwater, we have powerful extraction equipment to speed up the water extraction process. We have truck-mounted and portable water extraction equipment submersible and gas-powered pumps for extracting water depending on its level. We handle both big and small water extraction swiftly with precision.

Drying equipment
Industrial air movers and dehumidifiers remove residual moisture from walls, ceilings, and floors. Proper drying prevents your furniture, walls, and floors from swelling and warping.

Odor removal and deodorization
Invading water leaves an offensive odor in the building. After draining the water and drying the building, the exasperating scent remains. The smell is removed by cleaning thoroughly with chemicals, disinfectants, and applying deodorants. We use air scrubbers, thermal foggers, and deodorizing agents to remove airborne contaminants and give the building a refreshing scent.

SERVPRO of Citrus Heights/Roseville and Carmichael use various cleaning supplies. Our cleaning items are sanitizers, germicides, and anti-microbial treatments to clean and remove air pollutants and odors.

Contact SERVPRO of Citrus Heights/Roseville and Carmichael for your mitigation and restoration needs.

Why SERVPRO of Citrus Heights/Roseville and Carmichael Are The Best For Restoration and Mitigation

3/14/2022 (Permalink)

clock SERVPRO of Citrus Heights/Roseville and Carmichael is committed to providing you with the best service for your home or office.

Are you searching for a fast, reliable, and efficient mitigation, cleaning, and restoration service provider for your property? You are in the right place. There are so many reasons why SERVPRO of Citrus Heights/Roseville and Carmichael are the best for restoration and mitigation. No one does it faster in responding to fire or water disasters.

It takes a lot of experience and professionalism to accurately measure, reduce, and restore damages caused by flood and fire outbreaks.

SERVPRO of Citrus Heights/Roseville and Carmichael uses state-of-the-art equipment and technology for its operations. This gives us a competitive edge in the industry. Efficiency, speed, durability are qualities we offer to the public. Disaster poses a danger to both properties and the health of inhabitants, workers, and customers. This is why SERVPRO designed a particular cleaning program to help neutralize all threats caused by mold, microorganisms, bacteria, and more.

We help take off the mental stress and restore happiness.

Disasters cause lots of emotional and mental stress. Seeing one's lifelong investment destroyed in a short time is demoralizing. We care about our customers, and we do our best to make them smile again. After delegating and drafting a recovery and restoration plan, our team goes through every process with the client and constantly keeps them in the loop of the progress. We leave no stone unturned, especially in cleaning, and we add spark to the property.

24-hour Emergency Service 

We have a mobile presence in Citrus Heights/Roseville and Carmichael. We'll be at your service quickly to help you any time of the day you need an emergency service or a consultation.

Highly Trained and Certified Technicians

Our technicians are constantly trained on new cleaning and restoration techniques and practices. Our technicians are certified by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC). We put our customers first in all we do. Our technicians are trained in customer relationships and have fared excellently in that aspect. Many of our customers have testified to this fact.

SERVPRO of Citrus Heights/Roseville and Carmichael is committed to providing you with the best service for your home or office. Why not contact us today to put a smile on your face.

SERVPRO of Citrus Heights / Roseville and Carmichael Does More Than Fire and Water.

3/7/2022 (Permalink)

stop watch SERVPRO of Citrus Heights/Roseville and Carmichael is physically present with mobility to reach you at any time of the day.

SERVPRO is a household name in Citrus Heights, Roseville, and Carmichael. We are well known for cleaning and restoring fire or water-damaged residential and commercial properties. We help home, and business owners mitigate fire and water damages and clean and restore properties through innovative techniques and modern technology.

Our teams of technicians are well trained and certified by IICRC (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification). We are known in Citrus Heights, Roseville, and Carmichael for leaving no stone unturned. We go over and beyond to help you restore your home or business to its flourishing state.

SERVPRO of Citrus Heights, Roseville, and Carmichael rendered services for residential and commercial are,

  • Fire Damage
  • Water Damage
  • Mold Remediation
  • Cleaning Services: these include,
  • Air Ducts & HVAC
  • Biohazard
  • Carpet and Upholstery
  • Ceilings, Floors, and Walls
  • Drapes and Blinds
  • Odor Removal
  • Sewage
  • Trauma and Crime Scene
  • Vandalism and Graffiti
  • Commercial Cleaning

We are proud of offering the best service, which is constantly considered the best. We adopt the COVID-19 guidelines to help you stay safe at home and in your business space. We also have our special pathogen cleaning package for our clients.

Our pieces of equipment are in various ranges for small, medium, and large-scale jobs. There is more! We brief our clients on the job's progress at every stage to keep them in the know. We train our technicians frequently with updated techniques and customer-client relationships.

As a franchisee of the leading cleaning and restoration services provider in the US with over 40 years of unwavering service to communities all over the nation, SERVPRO of Citrus Heights/Roseville and Carmichael is different.

Our operations and attributes are:

  • Run a 24-hour emergency service
  • A trusted leader in the restoration industry
  • Fast response to any size disaster with a mobile presence
  • Usage of advanced modern cleaning and restoration equipment
  • Highly trained customer-friendly technicians
  • Locally owned and operated

SERVPRO of Citrus Heights/Roseville and Carmichael is physically present with mobility to reach you at any time of the day. You can call our savvy team members anytime at (916) 966-2601. Contact us today for a consultation or to request our service.

How To Be Prepared for a Flood in Citrus Heights, Roseville, or Carmichael

3/2/2022 (Permalink)

muddy boots If you ever get caught by a flood and need professional help, don't hesitate to contact SERVPRO of Citrus Heights/Roseville, and Carmichael!

Preparation is an important safety measure for unforeseen circumstances like floods caused by a natural disaster or poor maintenance. There may not be a natural water source nearby, yet, a flood can still affect your building. Poor drainage can lead to flooding, a broken window can also allow water damage during heavy rain, a broken pipe or dam, or even human error can lead to a flood.

Flood as a natural disaster is not preventable. However, good preparedness will mitigate property damage or loss. This post will guide you on preparing for flood in Citrus Heights, Roseville, or Carmichael.

1. Get a disaster supply kit for an emergency.

A disaster supply kit contains supplies your family needs to survive a disaster. It can be used at home but should be easy to carry in the case of evacuation.

Below are the items needed in your disaster kit.

  • Water (3 days supply; one gallon per person)
  • Food (2 weeks supply for home; 3 days supply for evacuation)
  • Flashlight
  • Spare batteries
  • First aid kit
  • Cell phone or satellite phone with chargers and a backup battery
  • Battery-powered radio for information on rescue, evacuation, or supplies
  • Cash
  • Blankets
  • Mask
  • Multi-purpose toolbox (to turn off utilities)
  • Area map

You can create a disaster kit for yourself using the mentioned items or purchase a pre-assembled emergency kit. Remember that the disaster kit should be easy for you to carry.

It is ideal to have multiple disaster kits for home, office, and car because no one knows where they'll be when caught by a flood.

2. Store important documents electronically and in waterproof storage.
Scan copies of your documents and save them in your email, cloud drives (Google Drive, One Drive), flash drive, or even in your phone. Keep the hardcopy waterproofed to protect it from water damage.

3. Prepare and practice an emergency escape plan
Design an emergency escape plan for flood and fire disasters and practice it with all family members. The emergency plan should include escape routes, conveying points, and emergency contacts. Practice the emergency plan with every member of your family at least twice a year. Everyone should be family with the emergency contacts (especially the kids) and have the numbers saved on their phones. Identify a friend or family outside your community where family members can go to or contact when separated.

4. Insure your Home or Business from flood
Choose an insurance policy that covers your building from internally or externally caused flooding to save you from financial burden.

Secure your insurance policy papers with a waterproof bag and store them electronically, as mentioned earlier, to help you process your insurance claim after the flood.

5. Clear your drainage regularly and fix broken windows to avoid blockage or water entry into your building. Have a professional check and replace worn-out pipes or sinks.

If you ever get caught by a flood and need professional help, don't hesitate to contact SERVPRO of Citrus Heights/Roseville, and Carmichael immediately.

Steps to Take When Water Floods Your Property

2/28/2022 (Permalink)

flooded water and shoes A guide on what to do when water floods your property.

A flood can have a devastating effect on properties and property owners. The results are partial or total loss of properties, financial burden, loss of valuable documents, destruction of structures, health risk, and more.

A flood can happen at any time. There may be little to do to stop floods caused by severe storms. Other causes of floods are a broken dam, a broken tank, or a broken pipe. Do not be discouraged by the incident; instead, prepare yourself for emergency mitigation and restoration actions you can do by yourself before professionals arrive.

Below is a guide on what to do when water floods your property.

Safety First
You need to be extremely careful during a flood and take note of these two things. First is the fear of being carried away by the flood (this depends on the magnitude). The second is the fear of electrocution. When there's a flood, the first thing to do is to cut off the power supply from the main circuit breaker. Wear a protective boot and glove before doing this. Water is a conductor of electricity. There's a high risk of being electrocuted when it gets to an open switch, loose cable, or electrical appliance.

If you're unable to do this quickly or safely due to proximity of another reason, then you should evacuate all persons on the premises to a safe place.

Drain out the water
Naturally, when the flood subsides, the water level reduces as water flows away. For floods not caused by a natural disaster, locate the source of the flood and stop the flow before pumping out water from the building. The ones inside the building may not have a place to flow to. Wear protective boots and begin to drain the water outside with a pump.

You can use a bucket or bowl to remove water if you don't have a pump.

Dry out the building
Open all windows and doors and use fans or dehumidifier to dry out remnant water from the building.

Clean and disinfect the building
Flood carries microorganisms and bacteria around. Please get rid of them by cleaning thoroughly with soap and water and disinfecting all surfaces. Take out wet carpets to be cleaned and dried. Make sure you clean all edges to prevent mold from forming later. Take out all curtains and clothes and have them washed. Remove damaged items.

Dry and repair items

There's almost no item flood cannot damage. Nonetheless, quickly dry soaked items like furniture, clothes, carpets, paintings, electronics. You may be lucky to find some electronics still functional after drying. It's important to dry all electronics before powering; better still, leave electronics for professionals to handle.

Early response and cleaning will help you mitigate property damage. The longer it takes to clear out water from a property or clean items, the lesser the chance of recovering items. Quick response lower the risk of losing valuable items.

Commercial Buildings and Mold Issues

2/27/2022 (Permalink)

cartoon mold images Mold grows in moist places. Here are a few things you need to look out for to detect mold

Molds: water mold, slime mold, or dry mold; can cause discoloration, fuzzy appearance, and biodegradation of properties. Molds are fungi; as they colonize building porous materials, they can weaken the structure and cause other issues for inhabitants.

How to detect mold

Mold grows in moist places. Here are a few things you need to look out for to detect mold:

Mold is found on walls and furniture and is white, dark green, or brownish. Usually, mold grows in moist places where there is water damage. It produces an offensive odor, dry mold breaks into powder when pressed. Check moisture areas like under sinks, kitchen walls, ceilings, windows, wet furniture, etc.

Check places or furniture recently damaged by water. If you notice a musty or moldy odor, it could mean the presence of a mold. If your commercial environment experience condensation due to high humidity above 45%. Wet surfaces or materials for 48 hours are at risk of inviting mold. Areas affected with broken pipes or leaks should also be checked for mold.

What to do after detecting mold

Mold in a commercial building is a very sensitive situation because it can contaminate the establishment and spread fastly, causing health problems. You'll need the help of a professional mitigating and restoration service provider.

Professional service providers like SERVPRO of Citrus Heights / Roseville and Carmichael will conduct adequate tests and use modern techniques to mitigate and clean the building to keep it safe for business again.

SERVPRO of Citrus Heights / Roseville and Carmichael offer a 24/7 emergency service anywhere in Citrus Heights, Roseville, and Carmichael. Our specially trained, certified technicians use specialized mold remediation equipment to treat your building and properties. For consultation or emergency, you can contact us at 916-966-2601.

We will assign a team that'll come quickly to inspect and assess the mold damage. Be rest assured, our staff will contain the mold, so it does not spread. All molds will be removed, infested materials restored, and the air purified properly. We have the equipment and skills necessary to restore mold-infested materials and the commercial facility.

Citrus Heights, Roseville, and Carmichael Home Flooding Assistance

1/31/2022 (Permalink)

rain on a window SERVPRO of Citrus Heights/Roseville and Carmichael are here to help with home flooding assistance.

SERVPRO of Citrus Heights/Roseville and Carmichael are here to help with home flooding assistance. Our ability to assist you in home flooding allows our team to mitigate, clean, and restore your properties in flood emergencies. 

However, there are some safety tips you should know during a flood before rescue comes, they are:

  • Wear safety boots and other protective gear.
  • Evacuate everybody from the premises, especially if the flood is of a natural cause. If you can't, quickly call emergency service for immediate evacuation.
  • Turn off the electrical supply from the main circuit breaker to avoid electrocution. If you can't get someone that can quickly or call an electrician.
  • Get your valuable documents waterproofed and keep them safe.
  • Evacuate furniture and other items that water can damage if you can.

 When the flood is over, and you want to settle back in quickly, do the following:

  • Do not enter flooded property unprotected. Wear safety boots and other protective gear to prevent you from contaminated water and hazardous materials.
  • Open all windows and doors to allow offensive odor escape.
  • Pump the water out with a pump or a proper vacuum cleaner.
  • Take out soaked furniture, mattresses, or other needed items to allow them dry.
  • Wash/clean all surfaces thoroughly and disinfect.
  • After confirming that the electrical wirings are dried up and in good working condition, turn the power back on or call an electrician to check and restore the power supply.
  • Treat all surfaces, recover damaged items, and restore your property (paintings, walls, and others).
  • Call a professional like SERVPRO of Citrus Heights/Roseville and Carmichael for cleaning and restoration support.

SERVPRO of Citrus Heights, Roseville, and Carmichael is available round the clock and would come to your rescue quickly. We are mobile in Citrus Heights, Roseville, and Carmichael. We'll send a team of highly trained professionals to you to help you get back to comfort as soon as possible. Clients do commend our technicians for excellent customer service and quality service delivery. Be rest assured we'll leave no stone unturned in taking care of anything that'll cause risk to your health and living.

Safety Tips for Commercial Kitchens

1/31/2022 (Permalink)

commercial kitchen SERVPRO of Citrus Heights/Roseville and Carmichael provides the best services and standards for ensuring a proper commercial kitchen cleaning schedule

Understanding the potential hazards in a commercial kitchen can help prevent accidents that can cause possible problems such as sickness and injury in the future. If you are not prepared, and an accident occurs, you can be in jeopardy of having to close the business just because you failed to follow safety protocols. It is necessary to understand the dangers in this area of your establishment that’s why all employees should be aware of ensuring kitchen safety is in place at all times.

Here are some tips to follow to ensure kitchen safety;

1. Cleaning
There is regular cleaning, and there is also deep cleaning. All staff should know what to clean and when to clean. It is required to maintain a cleaning schedule of when to clean specific areas and tools in the kitchen. While some equipment, tools, and areas require daily cleaning, others should be cleaned monthly, semi-annually, and annually.

Adhering to kitchen safety by regular cleaning and strictly following the schedule helps maintain the quality of your equipment, make them function properly, and prevent hazards in your area of business. If you do not have a set schedule for cleaning, ensure you create one with your team right away.

2. Health and Safety training
There are some hazards to the hospitality industry that should be discussed regularly with your personnel to maintain kitchen safety. While all workers should get training, conducting a specific occupational health and safety training day is the most effective approach to ensure kitchen safety at all times.

It is worth noting that the health and safety training be performed by someone who has the knowledge and skills, and thus, getting the services of a professional is a must.

3. Proper Ventilation
Without proper ventilation, a kitchen becomes hot in a short period which is not suitable for the health. It can create hazardous working conditions for kitchen personnel who spend long periods near cooktops and burners, putting them at risk of heat exhaustion or respiratory illness.

A suitable ventilation system is not only necessary for your employees' safety and comfort. It is also mandated by law. You should seek a professional's help to ensure that a proper ventilation system for your kitchen is in place and cleaned regularly to keep it running smoothly.

Kitchens can be a dangerous place to work. Being exposed to flames and fuel, harmful cleaning chemicals, and sharp tools are just a few of the potential hazards in the kitchen. That's why kitchen safety should be a top priority. One should improve the kitchen environment and maintain safety at all times.

When it comes to safety, you would only want to entrust your kitchen to a company that is proven and can deliver. SERVPRO of Citrus Heights/Roseville and Carmichael provides the best services and standards for ensuring a proper commercial kitchen cleaning schedule and is highly recommended to design and manage a suitable and safe commercial kitchen environment.

Home Flooding Help in Citrus Heights, Carmichael, or Roseville Areas

1/30/2022 (Permalink)

house flood Contact SERVPRO of Citrus Heights/Roseville and Carmichael today for quality and swift restoration service.

With the surge in technology, it is still challenging to prevent floods in homes. Rainstorms can cause heavy downpours, wind, and lightning capable of shutting down a power grid, pulling down heavy trees, removing house roofs, and even collapsing walls and buildings. Living close to a water source or dam increases the risk of being affected by a flood; you need to have a sound drainage system and constantly clear your drainage.

Why Choose SERVPRO of Citrus Heights/ Roseville and Carmichael Over Others?

SERVPRO of Citrus Heights/ Roseville and Carmichael is a leading home flood restoration company in the neighborhood. With over 30 years of experience in the cleaning and restoration industry, we are a familiar face in Citrus Heights, Roseville, and Carmichael. We've helped many residents in Citrus Heights, Roseville, and Carmichael recover from storm damage and also helped them protect their properties from future damage.
We have highly skilled, trained, and certified technicians to tackle complex challenges. Our services are water damage restoration, structural drying, safety and health, odor control, and applied microbial remediation.

For quality service delivery, we use sophisticated equipment for cleaning and restoration. Our technicians are trained and certified by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification (IICRC).

We use the following equipment:

  • high-powered pumps
  • truck-mounted extractors
  • dehumidifiers
  • wet vacuums
  • thermos hygrometers
  • moisture meters
  • moisture sensors
  • high-tech foggers
  • air movers
  • more

We run a 24 hr / 7-day mobile service in Citrus Heights, Roseville, and Carmichael to respond to your call quickly.

We clean both interior and exterior items. We'll revive your carpets, sheetrock, flooring, paintings. We can help you restore some damaged items using modern techniques. However, some items may be damaged beyond recovery. We advise you have a copy of important documents backed up online to avoid total loss due to flood damage.

Flood leaves a lot of microorganisms and bacteria. We know how important cleanliness is to your family and designed a unique pathogen cleaning service to kill all germs and microorganisms in hidden places to make you and your family live healthily.

Contact SERVPRO of Citrus Heights/Roseville and Carmichael today for quality and swift restoration service.