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Picking a Restoration Company That Works for You | SERVPRO® of Citrus Heights/Roseville

11/7/2019 (Permalink)

black smoke coming out of windows from a burning house Having a team on your side after a disaster can help relieve stress. SERVPRO of Citrus Heights/Roseville is here to help when a fire strikes.

Homeowners are always encouraged to practice fire preparedness, but with winter approaching, now is an optimal time. The Red Cross has found that the most common time for home fires is winter.

While homeowners are advised to prepare for the moment of a house fire by creating an emergency escape plan, care should also be taken to plan for after the fire, too. By knowing what restoration company to work with, you will know who to call immediately after the flames are extinguished to begin reclaiming your home.

The 3 Main Elements of Fire Cleanup

Fires do not discriminate in what they damage, tearing through anything that is in their path. That is why choosing a restoration company that can clean your structure, contents and air quality are vital. By doing a thorough restoration, you can reclaim your home and recover from the traumatic events of a house fire. Here are the types of cleanups we specialize in:

Structural Cleaning

The structure of your home can become dangerously damaged in a fire, especially if supporting walls or beams are affected. We have thorough testing processes that will allow us to assess how far the damage spreads and how severe it is. Then we will bring in our equipment to begin cleaning and reconstructing these elements of your home.

Content Cleaning

The contents of your home are important, and so is restoring them to their pre-fire condition. In many cases, this will be less expensive than fully replacing your belongings, and by utilizing both wet and dry cleaning methods, we can restore a variety of things. Whether you have fire-damaged art, upholstery, electronics or area rugs, we will be able to restore most of your belongings.

Deodorization Services

Lingering smoke and soot after a fire might cause unpleasant odors, but they can also cause negative health effects. For this reason, air quality cleanup is a very important part of the restoration process. By bringing in foggers and air scrubbers, we are able to fully remove these particles in lieu of simply covering up the scent.

If you’ve been affected by a fire, reach out to us right away! We are here 247 to help you recover.

What to Watch for if Lightning Strikes Your Home | SERVPRO® of Citrus Heights/Roseville

10/14/2019 (Permalink)

lightning strikes in dark stormy sky Storm and lightning damage require specialized restoration techniques and equipment. When a storm hits your home, you need the company with experience

A strike of lightning to the ground may look majestic, but it is also one of the most dramatic displays of a thunderstorm’s power. Structural, electrical and fire damage are all common following a lightning strike, and it is important to know how to prevent these things from occurring.

The Background on Lightning

An electrical charge is at the heart of all thunderstorms, as well as the heart of the thunder and lightning they contain. Lightning bolts are the storm expending some of this energy, either across the clouds or toward the earth.

As the atmosphere is a poor conductor, lightning typically travels through an object to get to the ground. It also typically will cause damage to the object it passes through, and homes are no exception.

What to Check for After a Thunderstorm

A home being struck by lightning provides the perfect pathways for it, in the way of electrical wires and water pipes. This is why the ways lightning can damage a house leave very specific signs to look for:

1. Electrical damage. Reaching up to 500,000-degree temperatures, it is not unheard of for lightning to ignite a building on impact. However, it can also cause serious electrical damage, increasing the risk for a future fire to arise. If lightning has struck your home, have an electrician do an inspection for hot spots.

2. Electronic operation. A home’s electrical system is not designed to handle the voltage a lightning strike produces, which can cause serious damage to anything plugged into the wall. Check appliances and electronics after a strike, and install surge protectors as a prevention method.

3. Structural damage. Thunder is a result of lightning striking across the clouds, as the shock waves reverberate through the air. These powerful waves also exist when lightning strikes the ground, causing serious structural damage such as cracks in a home’s foundation. A thorough inspection should be done after each storm to evaluate damages.

If your home has been affected by storm damages or lightning-related fires, give us a call today! We are experts in damage cleanup and can restore your damage quickly.

Why You Should Consider Us for Restoration | SERVPRO® of Citrus Heights/Roseville

10/7/2019 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Citrus Heights/Roseville's green work van with SERVPRO logo at clean up site A quick response from SERVPRO of Citrus Heights/Roseville ensures your Damage Restoration needs are professionally completed.

Choosing a restoration company to work with is a decision that homeowners should weigh heavily. This company will not only handle the restoration of your home, but they will also be working with you during a trying time. The right company will provide reassurance and ensure your experience is positive as they work to restore your home to its previous condition.

Any kind of household disaster has the potential to give rise to other damages, so choosing a company that has a wide range of expertise is key.

Structural damage can occur following water damage, fire can release hazardous particles into the air, and storms can cause both fire and water damage all at once. Finding a company that is well-rounded in their areas of damage treatment is key to a good experience.

Why Our Restoration Process Matters

When we work on a restoration job, we focus not only on restoring the property but also on providing the customer with peace of mind. Here are some reasons to consider us for restoration:

Our Availability Is Open

There is no way to ensure a disaster will occur at a convenient time, which is why we are always here to answer when you call. Our 24⁄7 emergency line means you can get in touch with us right away so our technicians can spring into action and treat your damage quickly no matter the hour.

Our Technicians Are Highly Trained

We are proud to invest in training for our technicians so we can ensure everyone is getting the best work possible. Every technician we have is highly trained and adheres to the IICRC standards, ensuring he or she will use scientifically proven techniques and equipment.

Our Network Is National

We have franchises across the country, amounting to over 1,700 locations, which allows us to have a large pool of resources to pick from. This enables us to treat a wide-scale natural disaster with the same level of expertise as we would a small home fire and ensures we can help you with restoration wherever you are located.

If you have experienced storm damage, we are always here to help! Call our restoration experts 24⁄7 so we can address your damages quickly.

4 Crucial Ways Water Damage Can Impact Your Business

10/1/2019 (Permalink)

Water Damage Affecting Multiple Commercial Buildings Multiple commercial buildings affected by flooding

Water damage, for commercial properties, can pose many serious threats, indirectly or directly. It is essential to act fast in this situation, as numerous issues can arise when flood or water damage occurs at the worksite. Many businesses may never fully recover from the outcomes of a flood. Insurance will usually cover a bulk of the cost. However, some of these expenses cannot be reclaimed. Top it off; many lack the proper coverage in these instances.   

4 Effects of Water Damage to Commercial Buildings 

  1. Loss of Inventory and Assets

Flooding can cause considerable inventory and asset loss. Even if you are relatively safe from a natural disaster, the unexpected could happen, let it be a pipe burst, you name it. Restaurants may have to throw out unusable food. Retailers may have to toss destroyed goods that are no longer resalable. Equipment needed for service companies can be destroyed, causing production to come to a halt. These are just a few examples in which inventory loss can drastically affect the facility. 

  1. Business Closure 

In many cases, when water damage presents itself, a building can remain open. Setting up a temporary place to complete work may help keep operations open while the process of mitigation occurs. In some cases, the organization must close altogether. As an example, a restaurant or retailer may need to shut the doors for a while, drastically causing loss of revenue and customers shopping or dining elsewhere.  

Wages and bills still must be paid, with no cash flow coming in, this can cause complete closure if funds get depleted quickly. Many smaller establishments cannot survive a loss to this magnitude unless prepared. 

  1. Power and Data Loss

Loss of data and power will affect you a great deal. Electricity and phone lines are usually restored promptly. The chief concern here is computers, servers, and data. We rely heavily upon both to run our day to day operations. It is recommended to keep a backup source of power as a contingency plan until help arrives. It is a great idea to back up data on the cloud as well, do not rely on local copies of your data. If all your data is wiped clean, where do you go from there? 

  1. Long Term Effects

The time it takes to restore your building and to get your establishment back in shape can be a daunting task. Without the right tools or the efficiency of a qualified team, this can take a very long time and can exceed the expected cost budgeted for emergency occurrences.  

Potential issues with mold and mildew can occur and are dependent upon the length of time the moisture was present, equipment used, and the knowledge of the staff. Hiring untrained personal for your mitigation needs can result in high costs and can lead to the need to renovate if not treated on time or accurately.

Be Prepared

According to research, 50% of corporations close after a disaster. Of the ones that do survive, most of them had a preparedness plan ahead of time. Pre-planning is vital and can save you time and money. Not only can you save, but being prepared for these types of misfortunes speaks trust to your clients and employees in the event a catastrophe arises.  

The SERVPRO Emergency READY Profile (ERP) is a perfect opportunity for you to prove your readiness, giving you peace of mind. Having an ERP in place allows your company timely mitigation and can help minimize how disasters can disturb your organization. 

The SERVPRO Emergency READY Profile (ERP) provides: 

  • No cost assessment 
  • Concise documentation that contains critical details tailored to you 
  • Guide to get back into your building after a disaster
  • Identifies the line of command for authorizing work to begin
  • Provides detailed information about your facilities such as shut-off valves, priority areas, priority contact information, and more 

How Can SERVPRO of Citrus Heights/Roseville and Carmichael Help

Our staff is fully trained, and they keep in mind any legal and environmental concerns the community may have. We strive to fully restore the destructed area while still working within your budget. We understand that every moment spent is one more moment of lost revenue and productivity for your company. We are here to take your call, and we will be there fast to help.

Have a plan and be Emergency READY Profile complete. Call 916-966-2601 to get your ERP Now! 

About SERVPRO of Citrus Heights/Roseville and Carmichael

SERVPRO of Citrus Heights/Roseville and Carmichael specializes in the clean-up and restoration of commercial and residential properties. Our staff is highly skilled and trained for your needs and is thoroughly knowledgeable and capable of restoring your property fast and efficiently.

In restoring your property, our team will be at the premises promptly and will work rapidly to assess the situation to isolate the area allowing you to continue working. 

Tips From Us

3/6/2019 (Permalink)

It may be tempting to take matters into your own hands but sometimes it can make the situation worse. Below are some tips from the pros.

  • Limit movement in the home to prevent soot particles. 
  • Keep hands clean.
  • Place dry, colorfast towels or old linens ion rugs.
  • Wash both sides of leaves on house plants.
  • Place aluminum foil or wood blocks between furniture. 
  • Hang furs and leather goods to dry separately.
  • Remove and prop up wet upholstery cushions for even drying.
  • Wipe excess water from wood furniture after removing lamps and table top items.
  • Hose and wash egg damage from building exterior as soon as possible.
  • If electricity is off, empty freezer and refrigerator completely and prop open doors to help prevent odor.

These simple tips can be helpful when waiting for professional help to arrive. 

Keeping Your Office "Healthy"

3/4/2019 (Permalink)

You can reduce and prevent the spread of illness and reduce respiratory problems by keeping your office clean. SERVPRO of Citrus Heights/Roseville uses a cleaning system that removes the soil from your carpet, furniture, and even the walls. In addition to floor and surface cleaning, we also provide duct cleaning and solutions for water damage that leads to mold. There can be hidden threats such as stagnant water in air ducts, damaged carpets breeding bacteria, and soaked insulation that may produce mold and other harmful bacteria.

The greatest part is we are available 24/7 so that we can get your office up and running as soon as possible. We understand getting your office back to normal is important because it means you are back in business.

Service Reponse Guidelines

3/4/2019 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Citrus Heights/Roseville understands that time can make the difference in the restoration industry. We offer a variety of services, such as smoke removal, soot removal, deodorization, water removal, and dehumidification. Especially with water damage the longer it sits the more damage it causes by the minute. We follow Service Response Guidelines to ensure timely response to your disaster. It is our 1,4,8 guideline.

Within 1 hour of notice of loss, we will contact you to arrange service.

Within 4 hours we will be on site ready to start mitigation services.

Within 8 hours of arrival, we will do a verbal briefing of the scope of work that will be necessary. 

We aim to mitigate the damages of your loss, by following our Service Response Guidelines we ensure fast and efficient service.

Extension Cord Safety

2/28/2019 (Permalink)

Every year around 3,330 homes fires are caused by extension cords. This results in about 50 deaths and over 250 injuries. These fires start when extension cords overheat when they are not used properly. Keep these tips in mind to help prevent extension cord fires.

  • Do not overload extension cords with plugs.
  • Check that they are not damaged. There should be no frayed sockets, loose wires, bare wires, and no cracks.
  • Do not run cords through walls or ceilings. If the cord is covered the heat cannot escape and result in a fire.
  • Never force a fit by cutting off parts from a three-prong plug to fit into a two-slot outlet.
  • Make sure the extension cords are used for their intended purpose such as indoor or outdoor use.
  • Do not use a power strip with heaters or fans because they can over heat.

Your home is filled with electric powered items so always be sure to use proper extension cord safety.

Flood Risks to Your Busines

2/28/2019 (Permalink)

Not only is your property at risk but so is your merchandise.

Weather has been unpredictable in Citrus Heights, one day it can be sunny and the next there is a rain storm. Storms can cause unforeseen disasters to your business. Flood risks are real threat to your business especially during storm season. It can destroy your buildings, equipment, and even inventory.

The worst part is that most polices do not cover flooding. Even a few inches of water can cost thousands of dollars in damage. It can ruin carpets, walls, machinery, and merchandise.

At SERVPRO of Citrus Heights/Roseville we try to save as much as we can to avoid replacing as much as possible. No job is too large as we specialize in large loss disaster recovery. We can get to your business within hours and remove out the water to stop the damage in its tracks. Saving as much as your property is our top priority. We quickly remove the items that can be saved and offer contents cleaning for items that are wet or damaged.  We can then assess the damage to your floors and walls. If necessary, we can replace all the walls and floors to make sure there is no damage. Whether your business has carpet or gym flooring we can replace and rebuild it. We offer full service from start to finish. Our experts at SERVPRO of Citrus Heights/Roseville have the training and expertise to help make it “Like it never even happened.”

Top 5 Overlooked Places Mold Grows

2/28/2019 (Permalink)

Your tub can be a breeding ground for mold.

Mold can be growing in places that you would think are safe. Below are the most common places that mold grows but is overlooked. Mold is hydrophilic which means it is water loving. Always keep that in mind when you are trying to keep your home free of mold.

Dishwasher –  Dishwasher are wet in their nature and if not properly cleaned can accumulate dirt. It can also be a breeding ground for mold. Be sure to always clean your dishwasher of food and keep it dry when not in use.

Ice maker Connections – Ice is the solid form of water. Make sure to periodically clean your ice maker connections.

Shower Doors – Even though we use our showers to get clean they may not remain clean. A system should be kept in place to keep them clean and dry in between showers.

Bathtub – the same is true for your bathtub. If you want to keep taking relaxing baths, you have to have the peace of mind that your tub is not growing mold.

Outdoor Water Sprinklers – Keeping these clean can be difficult but regular maintenance can help prevent mold buildup.

If  you do suspect that your home has mold call our experts at SERVPRO of Citrus Heights/Roseville.