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Protect Yourself From These Five Fire Danger Causes

5/30/2020 (Permalink)

cigarettes in an ashtray 19% of home fire deaths are caused by smoking.

It is essential to stay safe and protect our loved ones as well as our property and belongings. Nonetheless, there are basic things we do in the home that, if not properly managed, can get out of hand and endanger our loved one's lives and our properties. No one wishes to fall victim to a fire outbreak. Moreover, what many don't know is that heat and smoke can be more dangerous than fire. Statistics show that the number of people that die of suffocation is triple to fire burns. It should be noted that inhaling toxic fumes and gases can lead to dizziness and confusion and deter one from escaping an emergency.

To live freely in your home with your family, you have to protect yourself from these five danger causes:

Cooking causes fire; therefore, never leave food on fire unattended to. Stay put in the kitchen when cooking. A high percentage of a home fire is caused by cooking.

Remember to turn off the burner before leaving the kitchen. Keep flammable materials like curtains, towels, wooden utensils, and others away from the stove. If you have to leave the room, turn off the burner. Keep a fire extinguisher in the kitchen should there be an emergency.

19 percent of home fire deaths are caused by smoking. There are places we should avoid smoking in the home. In short, avoid smoking inside the house. If you want to smoke, take it to the corridor, sit out, put out the smoke, and dump it properly. Smoking is hazardous in the bedroom because when the smoke comes in contact with the bedsheet or curtains, it can quickly go in flames. Avoid smoking in the bedroom, living room, and den.

To be on the safe side, if you cannot take smoking outside, use deep and wide ashtrays and keep away from wooden tables or upholsters. Never smoke on the bed, you may fall asleep, and it may end badly.

Heating Equipment
Improper use of heating equipment can be dangerous in the home. Heaters should be kept at least three feet away from anything flammable (bedding, curtains, mattresses, clothing, and upholstery). Keep children away from space heaters and open fires. Turn off portable heaters before you leave the room or go to sleep. Get your chimney cleaned annually by professionals.

Electrical Problems
Faulty wiring, outdated appliances, and malfunctioning lighting equipment can cause electrical fires if not looked into quickly. Never manage or do any electrical work yourself; it's far too dangerous. Electric sparks are frequent among improper connections and can cause a fire. Avoid overloading outlets, especially with heat-producing appliances like microwaves, space heaters, and toasters. Call an electrician immediately when you detect a potential electrical problem.

Avoid using candles, if you would use one, keep away from anything flammable. Blow out candles before leaving the room or go to sleep. Never use a candle in the kid's room.

No one wishes for a home fire, but then it could be ignited easily and quickly. Keep safe habits so your family will be protected and remain safe.

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